5 Hair Products I Can't Live Without.

Want to know what I love for my hair?! Shop them all below by clicking on the pictures. You can use these products on all hair types except for the Silver Shine Shampoo (only for Blonde hair.)

1. Milkshake Silver Shine.  I tone my hair with this once a week.  It's very pigmented so be careful how long you leave it on for. Helps HUGe with brassiness and toning.

2. Olaplex Treatment #3.  I use this once every couple weeks. I always do a treatment before seeing my hairdresser for a color touch up.

3. Young Again Oil Infused Serum Treatment by Kevin Murphy.  I love this product.  It makes my hair so soft and shiny.  I apply it before I blow dry and run a little through my hair after I style.

4. Young Again Rinse.  I love this conditioner.  It feels so moisterizing and beautiful.

5. Caviar CC Cream.  I ally this on my hair when it's wet for extra protection.   BLow dry or air dry.  Also helps with frizz.


Happy shopping! Thanks for stopping by.

Keri xo