Hair Video Monday: Big Messy Bun

Hey Hey!!  Time for Hair Video Monday!!!

This week is probably the easiest one yet, but I have been getting a ton of requests for a big, simple, messy bun. So here it is! Easy Peasy.  

I wear this style so much, but it's easy to dress this look up or down depending on your makeup or look.


  • Decide where you want your bun and bring all your hair up.
  • Take your hair as high as you want.  The higher you place it the bigger it will look and the more volume you will get.
  • Take a hair tie and wrap your hair around it.  
  • Pin at the back and use pins to fix any fly aways.
  • Spray and done

I like mine to big and messy! It's totally up to you how messy or perfect you want it, BUT mine is always a lil more on the crazy and messy side!  Never perfect but fun.

Thanks for stopping by and hope you enjoyed!

Lots of Love,