Big Lash LOVE!

Anyone else sick of applying strip lashes, not getting the results you want with regular mascara or trying to keep up the maintenance on your lash extension?!  I was too!  So instead, I started using 3D lash fibres!

Once you figure out how to use them properly, they can add a ton of volume and length!  Since I always come up with my own way of doing things, I wanted to share the how I do mine!

Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%! 

Increase your average lash volume by up to 400%! 

1. Use your current favorite mascara and apply one coat to each eye and let dry ( try to avoid water proof).

2. Start with one eye and apply the 3D gel, do not let this dry and immediately apply a coat of lash fibres.

3.  Do a coat of the gel on top of the fibres to seal them in. 

4.  Now move to your other eye.  It is very important you only do one eye at a time.  

5.  I also do my bottom lashes for an extra pop depending on how dramatic you want your look!  I love them because they do not damage your natural lash and are so easy to wash off.

For only $35.00 CAD or $29.00 USD it's really a must try, trust me you will love them!  

You can order here :) Best part is, if you don't love them you can return them hassle free!

Tag me with #klynnelove when you try them! I would love to see yours!

Lots of Love,