Quick French Braids Brought to you by Fresh Magazine.

I am so happy and excited to announce my partnership with Fresh Magazine!  To start, every Monday I will be posting "Monday Hair Videos" brought to you by Fresh. We will also be working on other fun and exciting projects.  Can't wait to share!

So lets get to it!  

These are pretty basic french braids, but my go to style, especially if my hair is wet and I don't feel like blow drying.  I will braid my hair wet and let my hair dry with them in.  When I take them out the next day, I have the perfect beach waves! 

Next, spray to get rid of any fly aways.  DONE.  So fast and easy.  You can also split your hair off to the side for a cute and different look.  

Hope you all have a great week!  

Lots of Love,