Hair Video Monday: Olaplex and a Ton of Foils!

Yaya! It's Hair Video Monday! This week is a little bit different.  With the first week of Spring here, I know a lot of you are thinking of going blonde, or lighter then the color you are durning the winter months.

If your like me, then you question if your hair will be able to maintain it's health.  I am a freak about breakage!  I decided to go a couple shades lighter and transition from a warm blonde to a cool beige blonde, while still maintaining the health and integrity of my hair. How??

Ask your salon or hairdresser about Olaplex!  It is a game changer. You can now go lighter and faster if used properly. 

With saying that, this video shows a ton of foils, I think over 100! My hairdresser really put the time in to get the brassy, warm tones out. I was so pleased with the results. I am obsessed with cool, beige blonde right now! We will get it lighter and more of those warm tones out next time. Remember, have a plan and a goal that both you and your hairdresser agree on.

If you have any questions let me know! Always love hearing from you,

Lots of Love,