Hot Roller Hair!

Get fabulous, bouncy curls and tons of volume with your hot rollers!

HAIR VIDEO MONDAY! Every Monday evening I will be posting a video of some of my favorite ways to style my hair! 

HOT ROLLERS 🔥🔥🔥 I have had these Hot Rollers for years and they are still amazing! They are Remington T Studio Collection


1.Make sure your hair is completely dry.

2.Separate your hair in sections, and work your way from bottom to top. (I always roll wrapping my hair to the back) 

3.Spray as you go, I use Chi Enviro 54 Firm Hold

4.Let set for about 20 minutes until cool. 

5. Unroll, spray and shake it up to get that volume!!! DONE! ✅

 Works amazing on second day hair too! Just use dry shampoo first! My favorite is Batiste Hair.

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