Everyone needs a makeup organizer.  I searched online for a long time and couldn't find anything I LOVED.  I literally had makeup scattered in bathroom drawers! It was driving me (and my husband crazy)! It made getting ready much harder and time for me is KEY!  SO what to do? 

For me, it has to be visually appealing if it's going on my makeup table or in my bathroom, plus it has to hold a whole lot of makeup!  The drawers pull right out for easy access! I can line them up on my counter, which means no more digging!  It meets all my needs.  If you love being organized as much as I do, you will appreciate these features.

Let's talk price. They aren't cheap!  You're probably thinking, really!?!? Can't I just buy a knock off cheaply made for $40.00?  You can, but don't expect any knock offs to last long.  The material used in a Cosmocube is sturdy and tested.  Think of buying a Cosmocube  as a mini investment, trust me you will love it.

I got the "Cosmocube Posh Makeup Organizer." and paid $258.00 CAD from Sephora.  However, you will receive free shipping and any promo's/free gifts that Sephora is running.  You can get one with bling and jewelled detailing on the outside too, although I got the plain one .  

I always say lashes, lipgloss and brows can get you through any day! I have super blonde lashes, so if I don't wear mascara I get, "are you tired or sick?!"- actually NO I am just being lazy and apparently can't get away with it !! HAHA it's just one of those things!

Thanks for stopping by, and don't be shy! Email me with any questions! 

Lots of Love,