Real Talk Wednesday: Mommy Brain....Is Real!

I'll never forget it, I was 8 months pregnant and mommy brain was in full action. 

I was driving, doing the speed limit, minding my own business when lights and sirens pulled up behind me. 

FullSizeRender 24.jpg

At first, I thought he must have been trying to pull someone else over and I was just in the way, but no. I was on a busy road, so I pulled over to the side, half confused, half on the verge of tears and a little stunned. 

The officer came over and after checking my license he asked me to get out of the car. So I did and we went and stood on the side walk. When I stood up he soon realized I was very pregnant. He was nice, but I didn't understand what I had done and stood their starting at him with a confused look. 

So he asked me what I thought I did wrong?!  I answered back with, went through a red light?! Speeding?! Tail light out? 

Nope! He then pointed out my insurance was past due and it was illegal for me to be driving. 

The only time my husband ever had his phone turned off, had to be this day. I couldn't get ahold of him to come get me.

Long story short, my car was towed home, about a 5 minute drive that cost me $100.00 plus another ticket that the officer kindly reduced for "baby things".

7 years later... Yup, I still have mommy brain!  Even though I now remember to put insurance on my vehicle, that feeling of being completely unaware or forgetting day to day things is a real struggle even today.  

Know it's normal! We ve all been there! 

So the next time you think your going crazy, just laugh at yourself and know the term "mommy brain" was invented for a reason!  Would love to hear a funny story of yours!! 

Thanks for stopping by! 

Lots of Love,