Real Talk Wednesday: Being a Mom and Balancing LIFE.

How to balance being a mom, having a career, the kids activities, a social life and a healthy relationship with your partner?  Sounds like a lot right?!  Once you hit a certain age, its bound to happen.  Here are some tips to help relieve anxiety and stress when juggling life commitments.

View from the family lake house! One of our favorite places.

View from the family lake house! One of our favorite places.

1.  Taking time for you.  There are times that I set aside just for me when I can focus on myself.  Everyday, I try and do my makeup and get ready for the day.  It puts me in a good mood and gives me a lil extra confidence, rather then going out feeling like I just rolled out of bed.  I also love bubble baths at night after the kids go to bed.  My way to think about the day and unwind.

2.  One on one time with your kids.  Since we are a busy and active family, my husband and I try to alternate activities durning the week.  Sometimes he will take our daughter to ballet, and I will take our son to hockey.  Or we use evening activities, like baseball as family time and all go together.  Yup, even the dog comes!  It is important to make each child feel special and take interest in what they like to do.  If you taking them anyways, watch, participate and have fun!

3.  Date night.  How easy is it to forget about date nights with your spouse?!  The hassle of getting a sitter, organizing a night out and scheduling time together.  Wouldn't it be easier to catch up on PVR recordings and zone out?!  Yes, it probably would be BUT date nights keep a small spark going.  A great time to put the phones away, visit and talk.  I like leaving the house without the kids on our date nights because I feel more connected to my husband.  If your on a tight budget, it doesn't have to be fancy!  You could go for a walk, or sit in a coffee shop and catch up.  Basically, we all get busy, but it is important to reconnect with your spouse and take time to talk.

4.  Playdates and friends.  This just isn't for the kids, moms need friend time too!  I have a small group of very close girlfriends, but we all respect each other and are loyal to one another.  We take the time to visit, to catch up and to talk about life!  It feels good knowing you have women in your life you can trust and share the great times with and life challenges with.  Sometimes, we can go long periods of time not seeing one another but the bond is always there!

5.  Talk it out.  If you are feeling stressed and overwhelmed, know that it is normal.  We all feel it.  The best thing to do it reach out to your spouse, your friend or your family.  When you actually say whats bothering you out loud, it can change the way you think about it,  What we see as a huge deal in our heads, sometimes isn't as big as we make it out to be.  We can be so hard on ourselves.  Make a change if you are truly unhappy.  In the spring, I took on to many outside activities and wasn't spending enough time with my husband.  I had to look at what was most important to me.  I choose my family, friends and my business.  I know in the future I will be more interested in adding in extra activities, but you also have to be realistic.

What it comes down to is your happiness.  Don't forget about yourself and how important you are.  It is not selfish to take time for yourself.  We can all find our own healthy outlets to suit our lifestyles.  If you have to much on your plate, then adjust it and think about what is most important at this time in your life.

Thank you for the messages and love last week!  If you want to hear about a certain topic, I would love to hear from you.

Lots of Love,