Real Talk Wednesday: You Don't Have to be Perfect, You Just Have to Try.

I tell this to my little ones all the time, "You don't have to be perfect, you just have to try."  There is so much pressure to be perfect, look perfect and act perfect, but guess what, it's not real.

When you are finding your way, reaching towards your goals and discovering your purpose, it won't always be easy.  Sometimes you just have to wing it and pretend you know what you are doing!  Trust me, you won't get anywhere by NOT being afraid to take risks.  Most of the time you will learn as you go.

It's all about pushing yourself into those uncomfortable places where you know you will better yourself and grow.  It's not always easy to do this, but it works.

We only have one life, but we have a ton of chances.  Remember, let go of the past and any mistakes you have made.  Learn from them, but let it go.  Mistakes don't have to define you.

Focus on the new you, your future and what you see for yourself going forward.  You are in charge, not your significant other, not your parents or family, and not your friends.  You can use them as support systems, but the reality is, you have get it for yourself.  Everyone has different goals, everyone has a different idea of success.  Our goals may not be the same, but we all have the desire to succeed.  Instead of getting down on yourself or blaming others in your life, make a list, write down what you want, and set goals. 

I am guilty for being my biggest critic.  In my head I am never doing good enough, I strive for perfection, but for what?  Who is the boss of "perfect"?  Lets get real, and instead of criticizing ourselves over everything we are doing wrong, lets start focussing on what we are doing right.  

If you don't think I get nervous every Monday night before I do my hair video posts, well your wrong.  My videos are never perfect, but guess what, thats real life!!  My hair is always a lil messy in my day to day, so why not keep it like that in my videos.  If anything, other women can relate.  Bottom line, be yourself.   

Lets talk about how amazing you really are!  Yes you are beautiful, you are loved and someone looks up to you.  You might not realize it, but give yourself some credit.  Start believing in yourself.  If you have been thinking of trying something new, then do it!!  Just TRY.  Trust me, it may be the best decision you have ever made.

It's easy to drag ourselves down in the day to day, but you hold the power.  You are the only person in charge of you, and I think you are pretty awesome. :) 

Thanks for all the love, comments and shares.  I appreciate every single one of them!

Lots of Love,