Real Talk Wednesday: 10 Reasons to LOVE your 30's.

I remember the day I turned 20, I was no longer in my teens and I felt an amazing sense of freedom and independence.  30's looked so far away.  Not going to lie, it seemed super "old" and I seriously thought I would be in my 20's forever ;) 

Now fast forward 10 years and there I was on my 30's Birthday!  This time I wasn't sure what to expect, would life get better? Would I love my 30's?

HECK yes!!  My 30's have been amazing so far and here are my top 10 reasons I LOVE my 30's.

Relax! Your just getting better with age! :) 

Relax! Your just getting better with age! :) 

1. More Confidence WIth your style: 

You know your style.  You can still rock a pair of heels but you can also make your flats look cute and classy.  You don't feel pressured to wear the latest trends, because you no longer have to and it's a great feeling.  You look back at pictures and think.... where were my eyebrows?  WHY?!?  Basically, you now do your eyebrows.

2. You Just don't give an F:

Things change in a fantastic way after you turn 30 because you stop putting energy into nonsense.  Simply stated, you just don't give an F.  It's a great feeling when something happens that you would usually get upset over, and you don't.  It clicks.

3. realization:

You are to busy focusing on your goals to put energy into little issues.  You can easily move forward without guilt.  You used to dwell on issues that made you feel bad, but now you realize you are not in control of other emotions and insecurities.  You can focus on you.  You are more aware of who you want to give your time to.

4. You can say no:

Say NO and feel fine about it.  In my 20's I was a "yes" person when it came to picking up extra shifts and working 7 days a week or doubling up on my courses in University.  That led me to being exhausted, overwhelmed and unhappy.  Now, I have perfected my own system and I have the freedom to say no when I want.   

5. More established:

Now is about the time that your student loans are paid off and you have probably learned a lesson or two about credit cards and loans.  Your learning about saving and maybe by this point, made an investment or two.    

6. Less Drama:

You can now detect drama from a mile away.  Thanks to high school and your 20's you have some experience and can run far.....far away ;)

7. Fewer Friends, but Real Friends:

There is no need or desire to have a "group" of friends.  Your over trying to be best friends with everyone you meet, because you probably have those couple amazing friends that have your back and have for years.  They get you, they know how you operate and vice versa.  It's a good feeling.

8. Dreams start to become real:

Your hard work and labour have begun to pay off.  All your years of planning and visualizing in your 20's start coming to life.   

9. Follow your passions without fear of judgment:

You know what you want, and if you haven't gotten there yet, you know you will.  In your 20's you have so much pressure to choose the perfect career or degree, sometimes based on what other people think you should do.  In high school and university I was always worried about my career and if I was choosing the right path.  Now, I know that every decision I made has helped me get to where I am today.   

10. You have "slightly" figured out the opposite sex: 

You get it more.  If your dating you generally know what to expect and if your married or have been in a long term relationship, you have more tolerance and know when to let it go, or when stand your ground.  You take the good with the bad and realize relationships are not fairytales, they take work and they are never perfect.  You also realize when you find a keeper and when to let go of those toxic relationships.

Basically, your 20's are a stepping stone to your 30's.  In your 20's you probably experienced heart break, jobs you hated, people that came in your life and left just as quick, built everlasting friendships, learned a ton about yourself, and started planning your future.  Do I miss it...well NO.  They were wonderful years but I am all about my 30's! If your not 30 yet, then you need to get excited.

Life is speeding by and I am enjoying everyday.  Give your loved ones a hug and look around to appreciate everything you have accomplished.  Teens, 20's, 30's, 40's + whatever your age, know you are amazing and loved.  Remember, if you haven't found what makes you happy yet, go out and get it!    

Thanks for stopping by.

Lots of Love,