Real Talk Wednesday: When Women Work Together.

One of the most powerful experiences since starting my Instagram and blogging career, is the overwhelming amount of support from women all over the world.  The strenght of community, encouragement and love is an incredible feeling.  It has giving me confidence and an unstoppable force to push towards my goals.

I am lucky to have supportive women in my life that are not afraid to reach out, to share my work and, to take the time to tell me when they love something I have created.  I do the same for them, and that is powerful.

As women, we put a high level of expectations on ourselves.  At times, we experience the same emotions that hold us back from what we truly want to do.  No one wants to be judged or picked apart.  There is that small voice in the back of our head which holds us down.  It tells us "NO', it tells us we are not good enough, it tells us that we have to be perfect before we can try.  Thats a lie.  Thats not true.  When we ignore the voice, that is when we can begin to live up to our full potential. 

I am here to tell you "YES", you can do what you want, you can follow your dreams no matter how big, small, or crazy they are.  If you are not surrounding yourself with supportive and encouraging women, then you need to start.  Do not be afraid to let go of anyone that bring you down or picks you apart.  Remember, you get what you give.  You are in control of who you allow in your life and who may not be a match for you.  Allow yourself to rise up to new levels and to recognize your self worth.

It all starts with small changes and kind actions.  Whether I am running to the store to grab things for dinner, or picking up the kids from school, if I see another woman and I like something she is wearing, or I think she has beautiful hair, or pretty eyes, I tell her.  I smile and I give her a peice of the love and energy I get everyday.  I love the feeling of being able to make someone feel special.  

Last week, I saw a woman with amazing, bright purple hair.  I told her how beautiful it looked on her.  She smiled nervously and told me she had been worried about doing it because she thought she was to "old" to have bright hair.  We laughed and I reassured her it was amazing and fun!  She thanked me and we both walked away feeling good.

As women it is easy to forget how beautiful, smart, and wonderful we are.  It's not about being perfect and it is certainly not a competition or race.  It is about loving yourself and being able to support and encourage one another.  We have the power to lift one another up and I strongly believe this is the new generation of women.  

Let your guard down and let supportive and kind women into your life.  Be there for your friends.  Be there for them in business, in life, in personal struggles and in the best of times.  

For the critics, be strong and know what you will accept and what you will not allow.  Do not be afraid to say no, to walk away and to choose who you want in your life.  We are hard enough on ourselves, move on from anyone or anything harmful and hurtful.  

We may not all have the same vision, we may not take the same paths to get to our dreams, but when we work together by encouraging and supporting each other as women, wonderful things will happen.

Thank you for all your support and love single week! I am thankful for every single one of you.

Lots of Love,