Real Talk Wednesday: 5 Things only Moms know.

Before I was a mom I had no idea that these things existed, but I learned quickly! 

Full or ENERGY and having fun! 

Full or ENERGY and having fun! 

1.  The "Witching Hour."  The what??  Yes, you mama's know this one.  The hours between 4-5 pm.  For a mom, this can be a terrifying hour.  Everyone is tired from the day but it's to late for a nap and to early for bedtime.  They are hungry but you don't want to feed them to much before dinner.  There is no reasoning, there are temper tantrums, there are full out fights.  Usually, this is all happening while us mama's are trying to make dinner.  I try to avoid being out in public at this time, unless I want to get band from where ever we are ;)  

2.  Grocery Shopping "Vacation."  When you hear a mom say that going to the grocery store is her "mini vacation," this is 100% true.  I use to be like, what does that mean?!  Before kids going grocery shopping was a chore!  You don't think about it until you have 2 children crying, bugging one another, asking for every item jammed packed with the highest sugar content, trying to sneak things in the grocery cart, and possibly a temper tantrum on the floor.  You will never know what will happen before you walk in those doors.  So yes, I take a "mini vacation" when I can, even if it is to Superstore. Goals! 

3.  Bathroom "No No's."  Ever walk into your bathroom thinking it will look the same way you left it after cleaning it?!  Not if you have kids.  There are times I walk in and wonder where I am, is this the same bathroom I literally just scrubbed down with perfectly folded towels??  The clean hand towel I just washed full of toothpaste, pee on the floor, walls and who know's where else, toilet not flushed, and toilet paper unrolled.  Thats on a good day.  My littlest had recently decided it is a good idea to wash the mirror and the sink with the hand soap to "help" mommy.  All you can do it clean it again and breath.  

4.  Saying the "Right Things at the Wrong Time."  A couple months ago while traveling, my littlest and I were in the airport bathroom.  We were washing our hands at the sink and a lady came out of the bathroom stall behind us, looked in the mirror and turned around to walk out.  My 3 year old noticed everything and said in a super loud voice, "Mommy! We ALWAYS wash our hands after going potty!  That lady needs a timeout mom!" The lady literally looked at me and ran out of the bathroom.  I couldn't help but laughing and thinking, you are right but at the wrong time!  Even though I would never call the lady out for not washing her hands, my 3 year old did!  You never know what will come out of those little mouths at what time!

5.  Bedtime "Marathon."  Why. Why. Why.  Why do you need to go pee 3 times in a row? Need a banana, then a peice of bread and butter (with no crust), then get crumbs in your sheets, then you need a drink.  Time to change your jammies cause your too hot then too cold. Then spill water on your new jammies and have to change them again.  We're laying down, no wait, we aren't, let's do somersaults on the bed.  Now you hit your leg and hurt yourself, lets calm down for story time.  But wait, we need to choose the right story, ok reading the story, but now you missed a page because you got distracted tucking your stuffies in.  So now, we need to start the story over.  Snuggle time, sing a song, nope not the right song!  Getting sleepy? Mom will leave, just kidding!  Now there is a scary sound, and you need to go pee again........ now time to repeat for child #2 or #3 or #4.  This can just be a small clip of bedtime.  But, if you are a mom, then you get it.  It sounds nuts and it is!  It's NUTS! 

The positive part?  Knowing that everyday you get more patient and you have an "idea" of what to expect.  You are a pee pee, poo poo, temper tantrum warrior.  You are freaken amazing! You do this day in and day out and I want to give you a high five for being a MOM and being just plain awesome.

Remember, when you are on the verge of a mommy breakdown, know there are thousands of us all feeling the same way.  There is no such thing as a "perfect mom" so lets just embrace the craziness together and know we have each others backs!

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Lots of Love,