Real Talk Wednesday: 13 Notes To My Little Daughter.

Not long ago, you were my newborn baby. 

Someday, I will be old and you will be helping me.

Sometimes, it won't always be easy.

Last fall in Laguna Beach.  She loves when we do our hair the same!  

Last fall in Laguna Beach.  She loves when we do our hair the same!  

1. Maybe you will feel like no one understands you.  Thats ok, sometimes I feel the same way too.

2. Other times you will feel like your on top of the world.  I will be right there cheering you on and helping you reach your goals.

3. There will be times you will cry because you won't understand others actions and words.  I will be there to let you know it is only making you better.  We will gracefully walk past it together, strong and tall.

4. One day, your body will change.  You might not be ready to grow up.  Thats ok, my body will be changing too and I might not be ready.  Let's not fight it.  We will change together and honour ourselves.

5. You will have crushes, you will have a first love.  Daddy will say no and panic, don't worry I will remember mine.

6. Soon enough, you won't be a little girl and I won't have a little girl.  Let's have compassion for one another.  Let's remember parks, cartoons, sippy cups, snuggles, your favorite blankie, dollies, and butterfly kisses.

7. Someday, you might feel like you have to be perfect to make other people happy and follow what they say or do.  That's ok, I will teach you to love yourself first, do what makes you happy and walk on your own path.  Be kind to yourself.

8. We will have fun and we will be silly together.  Laugh at me when I make mistakes, and we will laugh together. 

9. We will not be afraid of change.  It will not divide us, but allow us to grow closer.

10.  Once in awhile, you might fail, but I have too.  That is how we learn and grow. I will be there to help you get back up and try again.

11. Others may judge and try to label you by your outer appearance.  Thats fine, because you will know it is whats on the inside that counts and you are beautiful in every way, just the way you are.  

12. Often, when we become parents, we have exact images in our minds of what we want our children to be like or what we expect them to be.  Maybe you won't want the same things I have wanted in my life.  I accept you and that is what makes you my daughter.  Different, the same, and united. 

13. Always, I will love you.  I will be your biggest supporter in life.  In my heart you will be my baby, and one thing is for sure, you will forever be my daughter.

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