Real Talk Wednesday: Mommy Guilt.

Ever sneak into your kids rooms and peek at them sleeping?  I swear, it melts my heart every time.  They look so innocent, peaceful, beautiful and pure.  Then I go to bed, lay there, think about our day and sometimes I cannot help but have major mommy guilt. 

Or ever watch them run, play, laugh, and have fun, then feel bad for getting mad about something earlier in the day? I do....

I love watching my kids run, play and be happy!

I love watching my kids run, play and be happy!

My definition of “Mommy Guilt”?  Here are the 4 main ones for me, I am sure your list is different, maybe bigger, maybe smaller, or maybe the same, but we all know that feeling.

1.  Overreacting or yelling:  I catch myself totally overreacting to situations that the kids get into and I probably make it 10 times worse!  For example, if my little one slips, I gasp super loud and scare her more then anything.  Which, can then lead to her crying for no particular reason other then mommy overreacting.  If the kids are arguing, or not listening and I end up yelling, thats the worst feeling for me.  I immediately feel awful, and yes....guilty.    

2.  Not listening to their words:  The first 10 times of answering the same question, or explaining the same thing over and over again, it can get exhausting.  So, I find myself totally zoning out.  I honestly don’t mean to but my brain literally turns to auto pilot.  Then I end up saying “YES” to something I meant to say “NO” to, and well you can see where that leads in a hurry.  For example, my little guy will ask me things that he knows I would usually say no to like, “Can I have a candy before dinner?” I will be busy cooking dinner and not really listening and say something like, “Sure hunny”….”I mean NO!” It’s a real thing in my house… and I do it way to often.       

3.  Time out city:  We can go days without a single time out.  Thats when I start feeling pretty good about my parenting skills, yup things are going smooth.  It’s almost like every time that thought pops into my head, the next second I will be giving a time out, then another time out and then my “mommy confidence” drops from a 10 to a 2 in about five minutes.  

4.  Melt down madness: The smallest things can trigger a melt down at ANY moment.  Sometimes, it can be like a tiny bomb just waiting to go off usually when I am rushing or actually have something planned.  Trying to pick up some groceries for dinner?  Going for dinner and just sitting down in the restaurant?  Trying to make a phone call or visit?  The list can go on and on, but those tiny lil bombs are just waiting to go off.  After, I usually pick apart the situation trying to figure out what triggered the melt down and blame myself.  Honestly, toddlers will be toddlers and kids will be kids, melt downs will happen.  It’s never perfect! 

The days when you plan everything to go smoothly are usually the days it doesn’t happen.  Know that you are not alone! 

The next time “Mommy Guilt” tries to set in after a busy day, you are tired, you are exhausted and you are about to pick yourself apart!?  Take a deep breath and remember you are not the only mom that makes mistakes or isn't on the ball every second of the day.  

Sometimes, you will feel like you are going to loose your mind, but you know what, we all do.  It’s what makes us moms. So ditch the guilt and take the sleep instead!  Trust me, you will feel much better the next day.

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Lots of Love,