Real Talk Wednesday: Mommies Make Mistakes Too.

Ever feel like you make mistakes everyday with your kids and no one else gets it?  ME TOO.

My main stress and worry usually has to do with the kids.  I want to be the best mom I can be, but sometimes life isn't perfect and sometimes I make mistakes.

It can be the simplest moments that mean the most to my little ones.  Emilyn loves bubbles!


1. If your a new mom, enjoy time with your baby.  I know!  You hear it all the time, but it is so true.  The innocence and beauty of your baby is the purest thing in the world, but it's not always easy to cherish those moments when you are exhausted and feel like your in a bubble!  

My Mistake:  I started a home based lash business when my daughter was only 3 months old.  I lasted less then a year, not because of lack of sales and clients, but the opposite! I got busy and fast.  I was nursing our new baby, looking after our toddler, running my own business (with no daycare) and trying to manage it all together.  It left me completely drained, unhappy and exhausted.  I made the decision my kids came first.  It's all a cycle of learning and growing with your babies and children.

2. Don't be hard on yourself.  My 6 year old has recently decided to wake up at all hours of the night having nightmares.  I honestly feel like I am back to the routine of newborn feeds!  

My mistake: I am a planner and I love a routine, but I am tired the next day and miss my morning work out.  I usually get it done at night, but if I am not sleeping everything feels 100 times worse.  The thing is, you can't plan everything, so just go with it.  

3. It takes time after you have a baby.  I never felt anything back to myself until my babies 1st birthdays.  Once I got to my year goal, I stopped weighing myself.  Now, I base my body goals on how I feel in my clothes instead of a number.  Don't expect a transformation over night.  

My Mistake: I had an idea in my head I would be back to my post body within months of giving birth.  Did I put a huge amount of extra pressure and stress on top of being a new mom? YES I did. Was it worth it, NO.  First, focus on sleep and healthy eating habits. You are amazing and so is your body.  If you want it to happen it will, just pace it out.

4.  I had completely cut out coffee/caffeine with my pregnancy and while nursing my son.  One summer at the lake, my son had a hard night with sleeping (and teething).  We were sharing the lake house with family friends, and I am sure they didn't have the best sleep either!  In the morning, I got up and went downstairs to where my girlfriend was making coffee.  She took one look and me and said, "I know you don't drink coffee, but your going to start today." I cracked up laughing and from that day forward I have had a coffee a day!  

My mistake: I broke my no caffeine with nursing rule.  Did it do anything horrible to me and my son? NO.  Does it make me a little more energetic and happy? YES.  Take the good with the bad!  It's not always going to be perfect.

5.  Never be afraid to look at yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you are beautiful.  I had a hard time doing this after having babies and seeing so many changes, but the more you do it the easier it gets. 

My Mistake: I had things backwards.  I thought looking good on the outside would make me feel just as good on the inside.  The truth?!  It starts with loving yourself first and building your confidence in knowing you are a beautiful, amazing person.  Now, every morning, the kids and I look in the mirror before they brush their teeth and we say:

I am beautiful,

I am kind,

I am smart, 

I can do anything in this world!     

Bottom line....You are amazing and you are an inspiration, even if you can't see it in this moment. Remember, NO ONE is perfect.  Just be you, and try not to feel bad when you make a mistake.  No matter how big or small, mommies make them too.

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Lots of Love,

Keri Lynne