About Keri

Keri started her Instagram in 2014, and from there it gradually progressed into a full time career blogging with many successful collaborations. She was born in the Okanagan Canada, but grew up in a tiny northern community.  Usually, when people say they are from a small town, they don't mean a place of 30 people, but this small town girl is!! 

The first 13 years of her life was spent far from any town or city and she was homeschooled until Grade 8, alongside her older brother and younger sister.  She grew up loving nature and her family. 

Even though Keri grew up in a tiny community, fashion and beauty had always been her passion. Keri discovered her love of fashion and beauty at a young age. With an appreciation and love towards style, she has created a look that is all her own, while never forgetting her Northern roots.

Keri is able to connect and communicate with other women in a positive, uplifting way.  She also offers inspiration and real life advice along the way. She always knew deep down that being creative, and her love for style and beauty, would eventually become her career and following.

Growing up in a place that small, with a close knit family showed me the importance of being loyal, kind and giving. It also showed me nothing is taken for granted. You can’t just run to the store when it’s 3 hours away! It taught me how to be creative and how to work with what you have.

After graduating with a BA in History and a double minor in English and Women Studies, Keri moved to Vancouver Island to pursue her career in fashion marketing, merchandising and buying.  She has traveled all over North America doing what she loves, working in fashion!

Today, Keri has been able to merge her passions and entrepreneurial spirit with her love of being a mom.  She is married to her husband Rick and together they have two children Riley (7) and Emilyn (4).  Thanks to the power of social media, she has been able to create a successful career while staying home with her kids.

I try and teach both my son and daughter that education is power. It taught me so much about how to be dedicated and follow through with my goals. If you have a dream and never act upon it, then it will always stay a dream. Take small steps everyday. It all adds up.

Keri is a mom who prides herself on being a positive role model for her children.  She has a natural way of working with people and sharing her style.

You never know where life will take you, but if you don’t follow your true calling, no one will ever be able to experience the real you and all you have to offer the world. My true passion is helping other women reach their personal goals and become the best they can be! I love meeting new people and connecting with other women. Women working together and supporting one another is the most powerful connection we can make!

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